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Loudwater Community Blessing

In accordance with the principles of Deut 10:8, Num 6:23- 27, 1 Peter 2:9, and Rev 1:6, we, the Body of Christ, your church at St Peter’s Loudwater, will continually pray blessing over the community, businesses, local organisations and services within Loudwater and the surrounding areas.

Day 1 (Sunday)
We bless, in the name of the Lord, the work of St Peter’s and all other churches and Christian groups and peoples in Loudwater and surrounding areas. We bless, in the name of the Lord, the work of the Holy Spirit and the effect of the Word of God: that it may flow out from you in power. We bless the hearts of all living in Loudwater and surrounding areas - that all of you may be quickened to hear and respond to the voice of the living God. We bless all living in the area that the presence of the Kingdom of God may fall upon you.
Day 2 (Monday)
We bless in the name of the Lord all marriages - that they may be strong and whole. We bless the relationships between married partners- that they may be loving, forgiving, merciful and strong. We bless every intergenerational relationship within households - that there may be peace, love and understanding between each one. We bless all the children - that they may know the love of their parents, and be bought up to know the love of our Father in Heaven. In Jesus name we bless every network of wholesome and supportive friendship in our community, amongst neighbours, local schools and organisations.

Day 3 (Tuesday)
We bless the health of all in Loudwater and surrounding areas - that they may be strong and well. In Jesus name we resist all sickness, or any disease which seeks to invade this area. We say to all in Loudwater and surrounding areas: ‘Be well, ‘be strong, be healthy’. To any who are sick right now, we say in Jesus name: ‘be well, be healed’. We bless Wycombe Hospital, Loudwater Cherrymead surgery, nursing and residential homes and all other local doctors’ surgeries -  that all who seek help shall find understanding, restored health and strength, and that the medical and all other staff will be blessed with skill, diligence and joy in their duties.
Day 4 (Wednesday)
We bless all in our community with sufficient provision to live happy and healthy lives. We pray in Jesus name that each person would have enough to live and enough to give. We bless the provision of wealth and its release in overcoming poverty. We bless the work of each person’s hand and that, in whatever you turn your hand to, it will be wholesome and profitable. We bless every wholesome enterprise that is conducted within our community - that it may be successful and prosper; this to include every shop, eating house, pub, and business that legitimately operates for the benefit of the community. We bless all local businesses that they may be prosperous and provide all local employment needs.
Day 5 (Thursday)
We bless Loudwater School - that it may be a place of safety for pupils, helpers, and teachers alike. We bless the children’s capacity to learn and develop relationships, and we bless them in coming to know Jesus - that their trust in Him may be birthed, grow, and become enriched.
Day 6 (Friday)
We bless the work of all community support groups, including the police, neighbourhood watches, youth workers, parish Council and councillors. We bless the Loudwater Boys’ club - that this be a place of fun, learning to relate and help others, and safety. We bless the Loudwater British Legion - that it may be a place of wholesome community. We bless, too, the Papermill - asking in Jesus name that it would be a place of wholesome relaxation and rest, and continue to be a place open for the spread of God’s Kingdom. We bless the work of Loudwater Community Forum and all those that give their time to it. We bless the local farmers, the grass of the fields and hillsides - that it may be strong and nutritious throughout the year. We bless the flocks and herds that they may be strong, healthy and multiply.

Please pray the Blessing on each day of the week as shown above or pray any part of the Blessing you feel led to pray over; the important thing is that we Bless our Community