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Marriage Course

Who is it for?
  • Are you married or in a long-term cohabiting relationship?
  • Have you been together for over a year?
  • Would you like your relationship to be the best it can be?
If you answered "yes" to any of those questions then this course is for you!
What topics does it cover?
Over seven sessions of the course you will discover practical tools to help you:
  • Understand each other's needs
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Grow closer through resolving conflict
  • Heal the ways you've hurt each other
  • Recognise how your upbringing affects your relationship
  • Improve relationships with parents and in-laws
  • Develop greater sexual intimacy
  • Discover each other's love languages and much, much more!

To register your interest in our next course, please send an email to marriagecourse@loudwater.org with your name and contact details.


The course outline is as follows:

Session 1 Building Strong Foundations
Session 2 The Art of Communication
Session 3 Resolving Conflict
Session 4 The Power of Forgiveness
Session 5 The Impact of Family - Past and Present
Session 6 Good Sex
Session 7 Love in Action

For further details or to register, please contact Edmund or Sam Cartwright via the contact page.