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Deep Roots - just like St Peter’s very own mission organisation!
Started in 2001 by one of our members, Dave Renno, while in his twenties, Deep Roots is the fulfilment of a vision God gave him for a discipleship programme for young Christians in Uganda.

Dave realised that, although many young people become Christians, the teaching they receive from the church is most often very inadequate and influenced by cultural mind-sets. After taking time to listen to young Ugandans, Dave and his Ugandan colleague, Asanasio, began to produce learning materials relevant to young people in Uganda and presented in a way they could relate to immediately.

The NWAS Programme and more
NWAS The programme Dave and Asanasio developed consisted of writing a series of booklets called ‘Now We Are Saved’ (NWAS), written in English and local language, which young people can use in small groups to read together and discuss (a radical new way of learning for many of them), and of holding workshops to train adult leaders as ‘Ambassadors’.

This programme has been immensely helpful and effective. Since its inception, countless young people have been involved in NWAS groups in schools, 100 Ambassadors trained, and also ‘Boosters’ recruited by the Ambassadors to follow in their footsteps! So far in 2018, 84 new Ambassadors have started their 3 year training. As well as the NWAS programme, Deep Roots also produces two radio programmes per week which are greatly appreciated and heard by thousands of people over a wide area.

The Amazing Deep Roots Team
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This extensive operation is run entirely by 4 Ugandan Christians, three of whom are full-time (Asanasio, Joseph and Andrew) and one part-time (Annet), who are carrying on the vision despite the tragic death of Dave Renno in an accident in 2017. They not only work tirelessly for Deep Roots, but also support people in the community where struggling with illness, bereavement and poverty is the norm and where paid work is often hard to find.
If this hugely successful discipling initiative is to continue beyond 2019, Deep Roots needs a whole lot of new supporters in prayer and finance from St Peter’s.  Money is needed to finance the salaries and the costs of publishing NWAS materials, visits to groups and running workshops, as well as modest overheads for the office they work from. By western standards, the salaries and running costs are modest, but the positive influence of a generation of young people in Uganda grounded in God’s word and living to please Him is incalculable.
Financial support of Deep Roots from November 2019 is being co-ordinated by UK Friends of Deep Roots, through  You can make regular or one-off donations via this link.

Dave spoke to us about Deep Roots: past, present and future on 14 June 2017 at St Peter's:
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